Monday, January 9, 2017

A Glimpse of The Force from Advent Comics

Advent Comics are not a Canadian publisher. I believe they are based out of Maryland, USA. However, their output of Canadian characters is about to explode.

I bought an Advent book in July 2015 on the basis of a Canadian character named Lynx, a member of a UN-sanctioned team called G-8. That's them below, and you probably don't need me to point out that Lynx is at top right.

While providing a greater degree of detail about Lynx at the time, Advent made me aware of a group called The Force (also known as The Canadian Shield, natch) that they intended to include in their comics universe. The plan, at the time, was for the team to be featured in the fifth issue of their Advent Spotlight book.

I have no idea whether having The Force be the focus of that specific issue is still in the works. But a mention of Advent Comics on Twitter on my part resulted in the publisher sharing the image of the team below (to my great gratitude, I might add).

Just a teaser, but encouraging to see that The Force is still on the publisher's radar.

These aren't the only Canadian characters soon-to-be-published by Advent, however. On December first, Advent posted (in part) the following text on their Facebook page.
...Advent Comics will be offering other indie creators and publishers access to Advent Comics’ distribution network in a creator-owned imprint. This imprint should not only help bring worthy creations to life but also shine a light on some of these projects and publishers by getting them out to the masses.

First (and most importantly), this is CREATOR-OWNED!!! The creators of the books will retain all rights - the only purpose of this imprint is to bring their stuff to the masses. Advent Comics is not interested in acquiring these book or characters (but with that said you may see a crossover with Advent Comics characters though). 
There are four initial titles that have been selected for the UNBOUND REALMS Imprint: 
4. Jim Hachey’s SUPERNATURAL AGENTS – Featuring the Dawn of A New Age of Superheroes.
James Hachey's Water Front Studios are based out of Saint John, New Brunswick. For that matter, I believe the Supernatural Agents are as well.

Water Front has been sharing art from the SNA book on their own Facebook group of late, but most of it is of a back-up story about a character named Stunray, based out of Toronto.

Some high-energy stuff from artist Demi Mandir.

Before taking that in, it may be helpful to know that background material about the Supernatural Agents and Stunray can be found in the third issue of Manga Ganda, published by Red Leaf Comics.

You could almost consider that book to be a "zero issue" to the material that Advent will be publishing. Of the 32 pages in Manga Ganda 3, the Agents and Stunray each get eight. The rest of the book is mostly pinups and some brief sci-fi stories, but those 16 combined  pages pack all the history you need to be aware of to leap into the Advent books.

While the Supernatural Agents are going to be the headliners, Stunray will continue to claim eight pages per issue, at least for the first couple. The book is available for pre-order at the moment on the Advent Comics website and expected to be released at the end of this month.