Sunday, February 12, 2017

North Force Alpha Cover Reveal!

North Force Alpha was among the projects I'd said we'd be keeping an eye on when this site was basically rebooted.

It seems to be motoring along quite nicely. The book is now expected to be available in April and the first coloured images are being displayed on its dedicated Facebook page.

...The book has expanded to 16 pages. More art and story for the same price! 
Also, the first 500 orders receive their pick of character profile card. Available cards include; Shania Magic Fox, Jack Wildmane, Patriotfire, Gabrielle Coldspell, Matthew Quickclaw, and the robotic Steel Knight
Reserve your copy today by responding (on Facebook). $10 for signed hard copy (includes shipping and handling). Special offer to first 500 members: $10 one time small fee for all 2017 title digital releases! 
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SERIES SYNOPSISThis group of "special beings" is based in Canada, a country that is divided into the territories of the Elfen Empire (northern Quebec) , The Domain of Ogres, Wolfen Territories, and human existence spread throughout. 
A team (NORTH FORCE alpha) is formed outside the control of the law to combat the growing terrorist threat known as "The Octagon". The team will confront their many technological terrors and also the agents of Octagon....They will have to learn to put their past conflicts and (biases) between their people behind them to grow and learn to function as a team.
Profile card? I'll have me a little Gabrielle Coldspell for the collection, s'il vous plait.

Arrowhead Merchandise Now Available

If you're a fan of the True Patriot books and characters (and if you're reading this, it's hard to imagine you aren't) then you might be interested in the merchandise being offered on TeePublic.

The Canadian super hero from the pages of TRUE PATRIOT in a very Canadian design... ARROWHEAD with maple leaves and a nod to the the vintage AVRO conspiracies that his origin is inspired by!
TeePublic also offer phone and laptop cases as options. Nice way to support the True Patriot projects(s) and creator Jay Stephens in particular.